The Vagoos

Punk flavoured Rhythm & Blues droned out by four German misfits since 2010

Bild "thevagoos_artist.jpg""Revisionists, revivalists - call them what you will - but The Vagoos are the kind of band that know how to power a party. Just don't expect to see them after sunrise." (

"...unadulterated, pristine snippets of punk authenticity." (

The Vagoos have given numerous concerts at parties, clubs, beach-bars, concert halls, youth centers, restaurants, libraries, squat-houses or just out in the streets.
They’ve been touring through Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, and played with Reverend Beat-Man, The Movement, Las Aspiradoras, The Razorblades, Juke Joint Pimps, and many other great bands.

The Vagoos are a German Punk rock group founded in 2010. Their music is often described as Garage Punk, marked by heavy reverberation and Fuzz guitars. Until 2018 they've released two full-length albums and one EP on German Off label records plus one cassette on the US label Wiener records.

The Vagoos are:
Dominik R. Wolf - Vocals, Guitar/Martin Fehling - Bass/Felix Triska - Guitar/Marcel Genius - Drums
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