10 - inch

Lynx Lynx

Trailer Park

Bild "Releases - Shop:lynx_lynx_release.jpg" This little 5-track monster was recorded with Tex Napalm. It gives you a full dose of noise pop and garage kicks… All you need to freak out on a sunny day in your trailer park! In addition, the b-side contains a Buddy Holly-cover. The 10-inch comes along with download codes. 300 copies only!

Trailer Park - Cheating Girls - Make You Wild - Not Fade Away - Pusher Girl

All songs by Jan Baedke except Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly and Norman Petty).
Bass on all songs: Andy Schulte.
Recorded and mixed by Tex Napalm and Lynx Lynx.
Mastered at Heimsud Studio.
Artwork by D. Rüther and Lynx Lynx.

Lynx Lynx: Trailer Park - Vinyl-10" + DL-Code

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O Lendário Chucrobillyman

The Chicken Album

Bild "Releases - Shop:chucrobilly_release.jpg"The Legendary Chucrobillyman about the "Chicken Album": "In his new album titled "The Chicken Album", "O Lendário Chucrobillyman" shows us new musical compositions fully based in the Brasilian country acoustic guitar sonority called "viola" introducing something about "The Chicken Style". "The Chicken Style" or "O estilo da Galinha" in Portuguese speaking, it`s a kind of style based in the way of delta blues players mixed with the style of the brazilian viola players so the 10 string viola sonority came by itself. All the songs were arranged and composed with a percussive concern, in this way the percussion was composed by pieces of rubish like oil cans, washboards, cardboard boxes, a garbage can as a bassdrum, kitchen pans, and scrapmetal. Enjoy this trash primitve country garage album with all your family and friends."

Chicken Flow - Love Miner - Chicken Strangle - Coconut Road - Where Should I Lay My Head Lord? - Chicken Rhythm - Whiskey River - Estrada Da Vida

Recorded and mixed by Klaus Koti at Fon Fon Studio (Curitiba - Brazil)
Mastered by Marcus Gusso/ Estúdio Discos Voadores
Concept and graphic art by Klaus Koti
All songs and lyrics composed by Klaus Koti except lyrics of "Estrada Da Vida" by José Rico

O Lendário Chucrobillyman: The Chicken Album - Vinyl-10"

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O Lendário Chucrobillyman: The Chicken Album - CD in Paper-Sleeve

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