Lynx Lynx

Noise-o-delic Garage-Fuzz

Bild "Artists:Lynx_Lynx_pic_artists.jpg"Dirt, dirt, dirt. That what Germany's so-called 'Ruhrpott' region is known for. The Dortmund 4-piece Lynx Lynx is prowd of this origin. Dirt's stuck deep down in their lungs. Over the years, parents, teachers, and friends have failed cleaning up their grubby hands and faces. There was only one way to go: rubbing it off on guitar picks, drum sticks, and mics. That worked out very well!
After their recent 10inch 'Trailer Park', their upcoming full-length album called '7' will be released again through off label records/Timezone. This 11-track LP offers a raw mix ranging from hip shaking garage tunes and fuzz'o'delic blues-punk to cheap 70s drum computer noise pop. It is recorded live & eight-track with Fuzztones' engineer Bart el Monte. The album comes as LP (with download codes, 300 copies only!), CD, and funky pink MC.