Made for Chickens by Robots

The Ragtime Retard Noise One Man Band

Bilddatei "" in der Kategorie "" nicht vorhanden"If you really want a problem buy this guy`s record."
"Lo-fi. No-fi. Fast and deranged."
"Outsider bent-backwards-blues artist."

This idiot is one of the most brilliant and bizarre one man bands you be likely to witness. He rubberneck fingerpicks an old children`s guitar. He plays a beatup suitcase powered by some vintage headphones with his right foot. He bangs a mexican miniture snare drum with his left... Hollers garbled ramblings of sexual inuendos and meat subject matter through a gold plated megaphone and there`s a farmyard full of animals and lo-fi-sci-fi sonic sounds belching out of somewhere there aswell. It`s some kind of blues music, some kind of deranged old early blues and the ragtime tradition then fucked up by technology and crippled tonality, earache noise and abusive slapstick sound effects. Fast fingerpicking weird guitar interrupted by drunken tempo changes and warped backwards sounds. It`s cartoon blues music and to see this show you will laugh with confusion and need to drink yourself into comprehension afterwards.

"This is no Rock and Roll! It`s just as dumb but more fucked up!"

Rubber jumpsuit, blind boy fullershit, blind baked, and scum house are all noted down as heavy inflences on MFCBR`s music. He also cites Lightenin Shitkins as a lyrical advisor. He also admits to being in possession of the original Robert Johnston acoustic guitar- "It`s a piece of shit, i don`t play it". He regularly wears a home-made chicken mask, made from bathrobes. It stinks of sweat and beer and people often ask "Does he ever wash that thing?"... the answer is NO. He is just about totally blind and somebody once said "He reminds me of Stevie Wonder, but fucked up.". He has played on the back of trucks in Australia, in the basement of an exorcism church in Belgium, gay clubs in Brussels, ontop of a garbage bin in France, on the beach in Portugal, in brothels, bars and bratwurst stands, in backyards, bullpits, and at barbecues . He`s a one-man-band made of weird and like nothing you will likely see again.