The Mokkers

All-Girl-60ies-Rock'n'Roll aus Berlin

Bild "Artists:mokkers_artists.jpg"Welcome The Mokkers! Eine All-Girl-Band aus Berlin. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahre 2007 spielen sie sich beeinflusst vom Sound der 60er Jahre von der Garage hinauf in die Herzen dieser Stadt. Doch nicht nur Garage, sondern auch andere Genres wie Rockabilly, Punk und Surf inspirieren die vier Mädchen. Handgemacht, tanzbar, charmant.

The Mokkers is an all-girl band from Berlin that will make you feel good. No matter how bitter is the crankiness digging its way through your chest. The Mokkers is the cure.
Their teenage bedrooms resonating with a wide spectrum of music from Link Wray, The Kinks, The Stooges as well as Holly Golightly and The Whites Stripes, they brewed the whole thing to provide today a pop infused surf rock sound dusted with a little garage dirt and spiced up with a rockabilly twist. With no other aim than to make you smile and dance.
And if you don't like genre labelling, well good for you, neither do they. So let's just say The Mokkers sound is like your favorite grandma's comfort food. Simple, humble, soulful, the kind that makes you feel like a kid again and as soon as you dig in, you know you want more. No poses here, no pretention, just straight to the point warm songs that will summerize your heart and make you go "yeah!"