O Lendário Chucrobillyman

Some kind of blues-punk...

Bilddatei "" in der Kategorie "" nicht vorhanden"O Lendário Chucrobillyman" was born in the countryside of Brazil and spent his childhood listening to the frantic noise of tractors and hoes on the fields and plantations. After getting his first guitar and listening to old rock`n`roll, garage-music and Brazilian country-songs he started his one-man-band in which he plays instruments like drums, pieces of garbage and the Brazilian viola guitar, mixing all those influences into his unique raw, bluesy and dirty music.
Chucrobillyman played at various music festivals all over Brazil and made some trips to Europe. With his last album called "The Chicken Album" he introduced his very own way of playing the Brazilian viola guitar, bringing together his vision of Blues, Punk-Rock and the tunes of Brazilian life in the countryside.
He works as a graphic-artist, musician in different projects and is the founder of "Fon Fon Records". "off label records" proudly presents the 10" vinyl version of "The Chicken Album".