Reverse Cowgirls

There's a new way of enjoying roots music!

Bild "Artists:rev_cowgirls_artist.jpg"Whaddayasay?

There's a new way of enjoying roots music.
People used to be purists and focus on one part of musical history but more and more crossbreeding between musical eras occur.

Breaking boundaries between bluegrass, countryfunk, trash, underground,
southern rock, country and rockabilly ( amongst others ) Reverse Cowgirls present a sound that combines styles that haven't been combined beforeā€¦
And they do it in a unique and original way.

2 songwriters, both singing and playing guitar or banjo while also playing footdrums, replacing a fysical drummer, accompanied by a double bass player make it into a unique full-sounding trio in a weird set up.

Reverse Cowgirls wrote and recorded an album on tape containing 12 all original songs that will make you appreciate all other american rootsmusic you know even more.