Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants

Punk Noir - Garage Swing

Bilddatei "" in der Kategorie "" nicht vorhanden"Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants... conjure the dark side of cabaret, in a prohibition era speakeasy, in the middle of a junkyard, performed by a punk band. Beckoned and bruised by featured onstage guests, this dusty gin-house cavalcade will entrance and enchant you, seduce and romance you. Their songs tell stories about lost souls in a soulless world, stories with morals that have nothing to do with morality." - Ian Parsons, PBS fm

"Mojo Juju and her Snake Oil Merchants have captured the essence of the '30s speakeasy... – and while theirs is not merely an exercise in nostalgia, they do manage to create an otherworldly feel to their music and live shows." - Yumi Sed, Rave Magazine

"...a grimey, stomping cabaret collective, with a sultry horn section, scantilly clad dancers and a power house jazz singer in a front the microphone" - Simone Ubaldi, Beat Magazine

"...deep, moody sound and mighty vocal prowess, I was an instant fan." - Jill Emberson, ABC radio

Together with their charismatic front woman Mojo Juju, who has been going solo since 2012, the band released two albums and one EP with their unique blend of Punk Noir, Garage, Soul, Gypsy Blues and Swing.
off label records now proudly presents Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants' showcase with songs that have never before been released outside Australia.
In the German motion picture "bestefreunde" (release date February 26th 2015), directed by Jonas Grosch, and with actors like Katharina Wackernagel, Tina Amon Amonsen and Bjarne Mädel, the music of Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants plays an essential role: Consequently, six songs from the movie will be featured on "Anthology".