Infamous Band of Russian Criminals release new seven-inch single, "Limonchiki"

Bild "Artists:VulgarGrad_group_mugshot_web.jpg"That mysterious band of Russian Criminals, are touring Europe in January and February 2012 to promote their new single, "Limonchiki", a seven-inch released on off label records (Germany). Fronted by Polish-born strongman and rough diamond of stage and screen, Jacek Koman, with a voice that resembles a jetplane scraping along the runway, VulgarGrad play music by, for, and about Russian thieves: raucous drunken songs, inebriated waltzes, manic stomps and hot swing from the Cold War. Be prepared for a night of gun-slinging, vodka-swilling, foul-mouthed disorder, and watch out for the biggest, most triangular instrument you will ever see, the contrabass balalaika. Wear a striped top and learn to swear in Russian, and you will dance or the trumpeter will shoot you.

Supposedly based in Melbourne, Australia, VulgarGrad are one of the only bands outside the Russian world specialising in Russian criminal song. They come to Europe on their first ever trip to promote and spread the release of their new seven-inch single, "Limonchiki". "Limonchiki" (meaning "little lemons" in Russian) is an old Jewish gangster song from the Black Sea port of Odessa. Like all the best songs, it`s about stealing, drinking, and loving your mother.

Singer Jacek Koman is well-known in Australia and Poland for his many TV and film roles, but he is known all over the world for his parts in films such as Baz Luhrmann`s Australia (as Ivan, the Russian barman) and Moulin Rouge - where he performed the unforgettable tango version of the Police song "Roxanne".