the Cyborgs

"Elekt-Rock Boogie"

Bilddatei "" in der Kategorie "" nicht vorhandenthe Cyborgs is a two man band of 'elekt-rock' boogie.
They created their own dirty blues-elektro-shit and are even playing some traditional songs of the early years of delta blues.
The music style is really original, and even their appearance, because the Cyborgs play wearing a black welder mask; nobody knows their identity… They are the same thing in the same time. It is not sure if they really wear a mask or if they are like this.  How much of humanity is in their body? It is still unknown… A story tells that they are coming from the year 2110, a time when there’s no more blues, and the world is almost over (no sun light, no music, no dreams,...). They returned from the future-century to keep the information of the blues. The songs they are singing about their world and about its destruction. Somebody told that they wear a mask because they have never seen sunlight, the stars and sky… Some other is telling that they don’t want to show their faces (as they are singing in the song: No! No! No!: "Save your face….". In an interview the Cyborgs said: "We come from the future into the present to keep the past alive..."
Their names are "Cyborg Zero" and "Cyborg One".
"Cyborg 0" is singing and playing guitar with his never stopping chunky-chunk-thumb of the right hand.
"Cyborg 1" is playing bass-keyboard with his left hand and drums with the other parts of his freaky body.